Prince Family Files Law Suit Against Illinois Hospital & Walgreens

Prince Family Files Law Suit Against Illinois Hospital & Walgreens

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The Prince family filed a lawsuit on Monday

Prince‘s family is suing the Illinois hospital that treated the legendary artist for an opioid overdose one week before he died. The family is also suing Walgreens, claiming that the company’s employees gave prescription medications to Prince for invalid reasons. This news comes a week after it was reported that no criminal charges will be filed in relation to Prince‘s death.

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The suit, which was filed on Monday under the trustee Michael A. Zimmer, says that Prince received improper medical care, when the artist had a health issue and had to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois. This occurred on April 15, 2016. The suit claims that Prince’s death, which occurred six days later, was “direct and proximate cause” of the hospital not appropriately diagnosing and treating an overdose.

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When Prince got to the hospital he was given two shots of Narcan, medication used to treat an opioid overdose. After he was revived, he told Dr. Nicole Mancha, who is named in the suit, that he took two Percocet, a claim that Dr. Mancha didn’t believe. In an interview Dr. Mancha gave to officials investigating Prince’s death, she said that two Percocet would not require two shots of Narcan. In their investigation, prosecutors said that Prince thought he was taking prescription opioids and wasn’t’ aware that the pills, which were bought on the black market, contained fentanyl.

Upon leaving the hospital, Prince refused to do any testing, because, according to his friends, he wanted to keep his struggles with painkiller addiction a secret from the public. On April 21, 2016, Prince would succumb to his death after taking another pill.

The lawyers for Prince’s family, George Loucas and John Goetz, released a statement on Monday:

What happened to Prince is happening to families across America. The family wishes through its investigation to shed light on this epidemic and how to better the fight to save lives. If Prince’s death helps save lives, then all was not lost.

Source: NYTimes

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