PETA Rereleases Prince's Pro-Vegan Anthem "Animal Kingdom"

PETA Rereleases Prince's Pro-Vegan Anthem "Animal Kingdom"

by zo
June 06, 2016 4:36 PM

PETA Rereleases Prince's Pro-Vegan Anthem "Animal Kingdom"

“We’re all members of the animal kingdom, leave your brothers and sisters in the sea.”

Of the seemingly countless crusades Prince led throughout his storied career, his animal rights campaign may be one of the best known. He’s famously taken stands against the wearing of fur and in the days immediately following his death, his very vegan dietary practices were detailed by personal chef, Ray Roberts, revealing a strict regiment of smoothies, juices and raw veggie fare.

But it appears that Prince’s animal-loving ways stretched even further than his diet, as PETA has recently released the song “Animal Kingdom,” which Prince had penned as a 20th anniversary anthem for the animal rights organization. And as we creep closer to what would have been Prince’s own birthday tomorrow, June 7th, we can let this one ride in celebration of his life (even though he didn’t believe in celebrating birthdays.) You can hear Prince’s “Animal Kingdom” by hitting the link below, just be sure to keep your eyes on us tomorrow as we roll out something very special to celebrate the man who preferred no celebrations.

>>>Hear Prince’s “Animal Kingdom” (via PETA)

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