Preservation Drops Barry White Tribute LP ‘SePtember 1200’ [Download]

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Preservation delivers the SePtember 1200 LP inspired by the producer’s September 12th birthday, which he shares with soul music legend Barry White. The 12-track instrumental project dropped yesterday as a free download for fans of the DJ and producer; this release follows the success of the REcstatic and Old Numbers LPs. In keeping with the numerical theme, all of the songs on the LP were produced using an SP-1200; the classic hip-hop sampler got a rep for its 10-second sampling time and iconic sound. Barry White serves as the official tour guide for SePtember 1200 by way of audio commentary from the late singer featuring his thoughts on life, love and music. Preservation explores all aspects of Barry White’s well-rounded catalog before closing the project with a downtempo disco-inspired party track entitled “September.” Download Preservation’s Barry White tribute LP at the link below.

>>>Click here to download Preservation’s SePtember 1200 LP via Mon Dieu Music

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