OKP Premiere: UK Siren JONES Goes Acoustic On "Deep"

OKP Premiere: JONES Offers A Touching & Sparse Take On "Deep"

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It takes only a few seconds for the music JONES to feel like home. The East London native draws upon a childhood love of soul music, and in her recordings a kind of pure, young wonder radiates in all directions. It’s on full display throughout her newest release, a stripped-back solo take on “Deep,” which is making its world premiere below.

When she was young, JONES poured out her hopes and worries onto the pages of private diaries; “Deep” is continuation of that same openness, but now the lock has been opened–the pages turned into verses, choruses and chords. The song first appeared as a synth-draped pop tune on JONES’ Indulge EP, but now, as a barely-there ballad the immediacy is tantamount. Shadows and ghosts float across JONES’s lines as she sings of a new immersive love, and how commitment can become a shackling dependence. We’ve all known the feeling: the rush of a relationship that only gets stronger the more we plunge, but “Deep” serves as a warning dressed in soft, whirling patterns. “[It’s] actually about people who are in a vicious cycle” JONES said. “It’s about my frustration at wanting to help them, but realising that you can never change a person.”

That last note may ring cold, but to return to JONES’s warmth, all you need to do is push play once more. Listen to the world premiere of her new take on “Deep” below and prepare to be immersed.

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