Okayafrica Video: Blitz the Ambassador 'The Voice of the Native Son' Interview Pt. 2 + Live at The Shrine

"Hip-hop music is part of a long fabric of African music" pretty much sums up Blitz the Ambassador's approach to this whole rap thing. The statement is one of several gems he drops in this second interview/live show video (see the first) following Blitz and The Mighty Embassy Ensemble's stay at the World Music Festival in Chicago. Watch the full video, peppered with performances of "Accra Blues" and "Best I Can," above.

Also, head to Okayafrica for a black-and-white clip that catches up with the native son at Chicago’s The Shrine where he speaks on the spiritual vibe of the iconic venue and performs live. Both videos by Jamaar JCam Be and Jeff Baraka.

>>>Watch Blitz The Ambassador Live at The Shrine (via Okayafrica)