“This Is Bigger Than Black And White” – Nas Delivers A Statement On American Unrest

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Nas Delivers A Statement On American Unrest

Nas Delivers A Statement On American Unrest

Nas took to his Instagram last night as the latest artist to chime in on our country’s unrest in the wake of the atrocities committed in Charleston, SC last week. After speaking with VIBE on the terrorism that our black communities have and continue to endure, the Queensbridge native offered an even more poignant statement, commenting on the falseness of our American dream in the face of such horrific acts perpetrated by those meant to protect us and those who live with the seeds of hatred and racism in their hearts. He even speaks to the double-fold damage done as purveyors of the country’s only real export (entertainment) and the culture from which most other segments of society steal from (hip-hop) providing a truly touching, and even more so, tributary statement that acknowledges those who fought and died for the rights we now enjoy as blue-blooded Americans. You can read the entirety of Nas’ statement on the American unrest below.

America has spent so much time, money & resources fighting wars abroad and completely fell asleep at the wheel of the war brewing within our cities, neighborhoods & blocks. We are supposed to stand for freedom & equal opportunity. That’s supposed to mean MORE than just words but the actions of late just don’t speak to what we are supposed to stand for. This is BIGGER than BLACK and WHITE. This is about America selling a false dream. Now we’ve obviously progressed since the inception of this nation but we took our eye off the ball and it feels as though things are moving backwards. As a black man, I find it difficult to understand that our biggest export (our American culture) comes from us. The people in the streets… The way the world dresses, talks, what they listen to, what they watch… That all comes from us. How can we be the ones responsible for America’s biggest export & fear for our lives like we shouldn’t belong here. I don’t have all the answers nor do I believe anyone does, but we need to have conversations around how to improve as a nation. How do we show any ounce of progress that keeps hope alive. This is too big of a problem to be solved overnight but there needs to be some questions answered to get things back on the track of righteousness. Amazing people died for this country. We owe it to the past, present & future to come together and move this country in the right direction. This is my home just like it is anyone else’s. RIP CRISPUS ATTUCKS. FIRST MAN TO DIE IN AMERICA’s FREEDOM WAR & HE WAS BLACK! GOD BLESS EVERY OUNCE OF INNOCENT BLOOD SHED FOR THIS NATION & MY FAMILY.

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