Audio: Marsha Ambrosius x Diplo - "Cold War" - Okayplayer

Audio: Marsha Ambrosius x Diplo - "Cold War"

Cold War by Marsha Ambrosius and Diplo

Continuing his incursions into r&b/cold funk territory Diplo produces a next single for Marsha Ambrosius, who continues to dropy edgier joints that cut away from her nice girl/adult contemporary image (not to say that her new songs are not adult. Oh, they’re adult.) This combination tune feels like a logical extension of both Diplo’s “Climax” beat for Usher and Ambrosius’ recent hate-f**k anthem, an atmospheric soundscape of icy synths and digital percussion. Though it was posted on Diplo’s soundcloud the production is actually equally credited to the Picard Brothers and based off the way it sounds, I’m assuming that means Jean-Luc Picard and maybe his evil twin who was created by a faulty transporter. Step into the traktor beam below:

spotted at OS

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