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Lil B Discusses #BlackLivesMatter, Endorses Bernie Sanders On CNN

Lil B Discusses #BlackLivesMatter, Endorses Bernie Sanders On CNN

Lil B Endorses Bernie Sanders

Lil B Endorses Bernie Sanders Large

Just two days after Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders added a staunch racial justice platform to his campaign website, MC/lecturer Lil B has officially endorsed him for president. The vote of confidence from B came during an on-air interview with CNN, during which the 25-year-old MC also shared his take on the Black Lives Matter movement and the currently fraught state of America’s racial discussion(s).

“The people that support me and support my music are so eccentric and they have a lot of different viewpoints,” Lil B explained. “When people come to me about news and the bring things to my attention, I start to really pay attention, because I know these people are special.” The MC went on to explain that many in both his inner circle and wide-reaching fanbase encouraged him to learn more about Sanders, and that his own research brought him to the conclusion that “Bernie was a part of fighting against segregation. That was something that really touched my heart. And I appreciate it because most likely I don’t think it was cool for him to do that back then, but he still marched.”

B also commended Sanders on his economic policies (which, if we’re going to get seriously political for a second, ultimately lead to social consequences), and noted that Sanders’s positions on health care and education have many of black Americans’ best interests in mind. “There’s a lot of poor kids that might want to learn that actually do want to learn,” Lil B said, “but just like health care—people are scared to go to the doctor because the bill will be so expensive. And I know for a fact that free education will lower black on black crime and crime in general.”

As the conversation turned to the Black Lives Matter movement, B stressed that candidates have no choice but to bond with the African American community. “To win African-American voters you have to feel them,” he said, “and a lot of these candidates “don’t understand what that means.”

“I wish people grew up in the hood and grew up with adversity and seen s—,” he said.

In an in-depth piece published earlier Tuesday, CNN also reported Lil B’s position on Sanders’s main competitor, Hillary Clinton, and clarified that he has not, in fact, cursed her in any way. Watch video from the on-air political discussion below, courtesy of CNN.

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