Coda Led Zeppelin Cover Art
Coda Led Zeppelin Cover Art

Led Zeppelin Share A Rare Rough Mix Of "When The Levee Breaks"

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When Led Zeppelin released their landmark album IV in 1971, no one, not even voodoo/occult-attuned guitar demigod Jimmy Page, could have known that a small portion of it would go on to help found hip-hop. That portion, of course, is the cavernous drum introduction to "When the Levee Breaks," a break that eventually became the backbone of tracks like "Lyrical Gangbang," "Rhymin & Stealin" and DJ Shadow's "Closing Credits."

Now, a new rough mix of the song has been released out of the Led Zeppelin vaults. Bad news first: the classic break is gone, replaced by a full band introductory groove that, while plenty smooth and certainly sample-ready, doesn't quite pack the wooly punch of John Bonham's famous 1971 opening. The recording has been dubbed "If It Keeps On Raining," and will be released on the upcoming remastered, deluxe edition of Coda, due out on July 31st. With a more active bassline that seems more beholden to late 60s funk than the depression-era America blues that inspired much of the band's early work, this Led Zeppelin outtake is but another peek into just how wide a sonic net the band cast, and how much reduction and careful arrangement went into the final, definitive versions of each song they released. Listen to "If It Keeps On Raining" below and get more information about the new release of Coda, along with all its rare bonus tracks, on Led Zeppelin's website.