Kool A.D. – “Naughty By Nature”

Sama'an Ashrawi Was once in a Waka Flocka music video.

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You know it’s gonna be a good day when a new Kool A.D. track/video enters the atmosphere. Last week, OKP premiered the video for “Arrested Development” by Kool & Kass (A.D. & Kassa Overall); this week, A.D. blesses us with a new musical offering, “Naughty By Nature,” off his upcoming solo project, Word O.K. Over frenetic, boom-bap production from Mike Finito, A.D. presents us with that “kick out the ‘Jazz’ like Uncle Phil” rap, references the Beastie Boys (“Chillin’ like Bob Dylan” & “lime to a lemon”), and lets us know that Michael Richards makes his eyes bleed. The song is less about “O.P.P.” and instead leans more towards the stream-of-consciousness delivery that we love from Kool A.D.

The accompanying visuals seem to focus on one common denominator: hair, in all its furry magnificence.

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