Knxwledge Splices His Beats w/ Ghostface Killah, Odd Future

Knxwledge Digitizes His New 'WT​.​PRT9_' Cassette Release

by Scott Heins
September 24, 2015 4:28 PM

Knxwledge Jstowee Live In The Dungeon

Perhaps the most prolific and inventive beat konducta active today (yeah, we said it), Knxwledge has done the internets a favor and released a digital version of his new cassette WT​.​PRT9_. The project features a plethora of beats pulled from his excellent Hud Dreems LP, this time repurposed as full-on hip-hop tracks, with raps slathered over their gurgles and off-kilter kick patterns.

If you’re wondering what’s up with the project’s title, it should be noted that the “WT” stands for wraptaypes, a series of releases that have peppered Knxwledge’s Bandcamp page for years already (it’s on that page that you’ll find the original “Momma” beat, which was released on relevnt​.​b​/​sde_LP. back in 2013). On the new drop, you’ll hear Hodgy Beats, Ghostface Killah and Odd Future vocals dolloped on top of these beat sundaes, and yes they’re somehow made sweeter for it. Listen to the project below, purchase it via Bandcamp, and check out Knxwledge’s full tour schedule after the jump.

Tour Dates:
Nov. 5 2015 @ The Bernard Shaw in Dublin, IR
Nov. 6 2015 @ The Art School in Glasgow
Nov. 7 2015 @ PST Club in Birmingham, UK
Nov. 10 2015 @ La Bellevilloise in Paris, FR
Nov. 11 2015 @ OT301 in Amsterdam, NL
Nov. 13 2015 @ Vooruit in Gent, BE
Nov. 14 2015 @ Exil in Zurich, DE
Nov. 16 2015 @ Hub in Brighton, UK
Nov. 18 2015 @ Corsica Studios in London, UK
Nov. 20 2015 @ Toldi in Budapest, HU
Nov. 21 2015 @ Arcade in Eindhoven, NL

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