King Most Blends ATCQ, James Brown & Fela

Premiere: King Most Brings The Funk Full Circle With His "Can I Kick It" Redirection

Premiere: King Most Blends ATCQ, James Brown & Fela On His "Can I Kick It" Redirection

“When I started a draft of this remix on Thanksgiving night 2015 and posted it onto my Instagram, I never could imagine it would be dropped in a “Post Phife world”. Regardless, I am grateful that I lived in a world were Phife and The Tribe made it alright to be yourself in music. We are so lucky for that. Thank you.”

Over the years, San Franciscan selector and producer, King Most, has cemented his spot amongst the Bay Area’s finest with his musical redirections, tracing the sonic origins of classic hip-hop and r&b and blending them with the sounds of luminaries past. Today, a day that has us reeling with commemorations of the late Phife Dawg, King Most has graced with the premiere of his own salute to the Five-Foot Assassin and A Tribe Called Quest, blending the chicken-scratch funk of James Brown’s “The Big Payback” and the afrobeat excellence of Fela Kuti’s “Water Get No Enemy” with what is perhaps Tribe’s most celebrated cut, “Can I Kick It.” And the answer, of course, is a resounding yes. Hear King Most’s latest redirection below and peep his words on the release up top.

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