Kadhja Bonet's Sweet & Delicate "Honeycomb"

OKP Premiere: Kadhja Bonet Makes Orchestral Soul Sound Sweet-As-Can-Be On "Honeycomb"

Kadhja Bonet's Sweet & Delicate "Honeycomb"

We were first introduced to the lush, delicate notes of one Kadhja Bonet on an absolutely gorgeous cover of The 21st Century’s gem of 70s soul “Remember The Rain” all the way back in June. And while that was certainly a warm and welcome introduction, with her forthcoming The Visitor EP arriving next week, we’re happy to bring you the first official taste of the record in the syrupy, soulful and orchestrally-anchored single “Honeycomb.” And what a treasure it is. Bonet’s airy layers of vox ride smoothly over a full-frolic string composition (helmed by Bonet herself, no less!) and tumbling bass lines, until the groove breaks, revealing a heavenly mid-track vocal arrangement that is simply divine. So here’s your timeless ride-out-into-the-sunset groove to carry you through the day into the great musical beyond, all thanks to Miss Bonet and Grammy-nominated engineer/producer Itai Shapira‘s brilliant new cut. Bonet’s The Visitor EP is out next Tuesday, September 15th and we’ll have it right here for your musical merriments. Get acquainted with the succulent soul smithing of Kadhja Bonet below and hold tight for the next transmission from this lovely soulstress. You won’t want to miss it.

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