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Jon Stewart Returns To The Daily Show

Jon Stewart

You knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. Last night, Jon Stewart made his return to The Daily Show. No, not to reclaim his show for good, this was just a temporary jack move on Trevor Noah. Jon had an issue he wanted to shed light on, and realized “nobody gives a shit” when you don’t have a show, so here we are. Stewart discusses The Zadroga Act, which provides health care for 9/11 first responders. For those who haven’t paid attention, many of the heroes that were quick to act and attempt to save lives at ground zero have fallen illl due to the poor air quality/conditions at the site of the terror attacks (where the gov’t told them the air was safe). The program was only funded for 5 years, and has left many sick first-responders with no health care. Thankfully, more than just speaking on it, Stewart decided to act (in very Jon Stewart like fashion), and join these first responders in taking it right to congress’ front door step. Jon goes to the Senate building in an attempt to shame congress members into signing onto an extension of the act. As you’d expect, he’s given a whole lot of run around and “we’ll get back to you,” in the clip. However, there was some success as they were able to catch Senator Rob Portman in the hallway and shame him into signing onto the bill that night. You can watch it all in the clip, below. Find out how you can do your part and get your local congressional representative representative to sign on, here.

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