Janelle Monáe Answers “The Questions” For OKP TV

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Janelle Monáe Answers "The Questions" For OKP TV

Janelle Monáe Answers "The Questions" For OKP TV

Janelle Monáe is truly one of our favorite artists keeping some soul alive in the in this post-digital, post-apocalyptic music landscape. So when we had the chance to share the backstage area at a certain star-studded music festival recently, she was the very first person we cornered (cough) I mean approached to bombard with our questions. “The Questions,” that is. Who better than a beautiful android, in fact to answer all “The Questions” that arise in life? Janelle Monáe, in our heads, is kind of a cybernetic oracle– like a cross between Siri, Her from the movie Her and that voice from Midnight Marauders. Except she’s also a working pop-star. We realize however, that unlike the Janelle we all carry within our operating systems, the central, mainframe Monáe has to process questions from the multitudes of the human race, so we tried to restrict our infantile curiosity to the most relevant topics: What the hell goes on at Wonderland Arts Society? Was it weird doing a duet with M.I.A.‘s hologram? What do you think of Kurzweil’s singularity? What’s next?

Janelle fielded our queries as only an avatar with a direct link to the mothership could. For real she did not even blink an android eyelash before diving into an intelligent discussion of Ray Kurzweil‘s influence on her art and outlook, while reducing complex concepts to digestible maxims for the masses: “Androids are the new black; the new women; the new gay…” (true story, it turns out); “We use our superpowers for good.” Watch below to find out how to be on the right side of history with our future overlords and also a mysterious teaser of new releases from the Wondaland ranch. For other questions, download a Janelle plug-in for your desktop via her album Electric Lady.

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