J. Rocc x Nas & AZ - "Life's A Bitch" (Super Blast Remix)

J. Rocc x Nas & AZ - "Life's A Bitch" (Super Blast Remix)

J. Rocc Flips An 'Illmatic' LP Classic From Nas & AZ With The "Life's A Bitch" (J. Rocc Super Blast Remix) From His Forthcoming 'Beats On Tap(e) 2' LP.

J. Rocc follows a stellar showing as one-half of AXEL F with the “Life’s A Bitch” (Super Blast Remix) – a rework of the Illmatic LP classic from Nas and AZ. The track from the forthcoming Beats On Tap(e) 2 LP is a hard-driving flip of the celebrated original that expands and contracts over a tough break beat. J. Rocc injects a few motivational soundbites into the colorful mix to punctuate the anthemic refrain. Check the track below to listen to “Life’s A Bitch” (J. Rocc Super Blast Remix). Purchase the 2014 Beats On Tap(e) LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for J. Rocc’s Beats On Tap(e) 2 LP, coming soon.

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