UPDATE: The “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin Dies at Age 76, Lauryn Hill, Questlove & More Respond

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The "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin Dies at Age 76
Source: YouTube
The "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin Dies at Age 76

Source: YouTube

Aretha Franklin, considered my many to be the greatest singer of all time, died at her home in Detroit, Michigan on Thursday (August 15th).

She was 76.

Cause of death was pancreatic cancer according to her publicist, Gwendolyn Quinn. Earlier in the week news came out that “The Queen of Soul” was gravely ill, and was being surrounded by friends and family.

Franklin, who’s last performance was last year in New York City, had been fighting cancer since 2010.

As soon as the news came out, an out pouring of love came from some of the most memorable voices in entertainment.

Everyone from Nas to Lauryn Hill to Maxwell to Barack Obama showed their love and respect for the legendary singer.


The 3 seconds it takes for #ArethaFranklin to oooooze out the words “Sittin around..” is as pure & creative & as honest as any singer I’ve ever seen when a performance goes beyond mere entertainment. THIS is what we need to get back to. where raw genius rises above marketing strategy & monetary reach & “likes” (because let’s face it, look at the Billboard singles/Spotify singles/ITunes singles—-could she even find space to develop this talent? Or just give up & get a reality show and pray this works out? Now figure out the legions of talent that we either dismissed or passed on today or even the mesmerizing talent we’ve been shown near this level that can’t even begin to thrive in this environment without some angle) for those not in the know & wanna know, with the exception of her yet to be seen Sidney Pollack documentary Amazing Grace (her best captured 2 hours 1972 in chu’ch, in her zone in south central Los Angeles—-w The Rolling Stones sitting IN THE DECON SECTION)—-this Performance at the #MontreuxJazzFestival in 71 is as good as it gets: as a singer, as a bandleader (midshow she calls an audible and the brass section just gives up playing & accepts they are just happy to have best seats in the house), as a piano player—-so underrated!—and the fact she has her ace band in tow too (#KingCurtis as MD & #BernardPurdie on drizzums)—-this is her most magical effortless skillful scientific talents on display. Long Live #QueenAretha.

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Source: NYTimes 

Our gift from Heaven went Home. Thank You Queen. Aretha Franklin

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R.I.P. To the one & only. QUEEN. ARETHA. 🙏🏾

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Rest in Respect

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