Gaslamp Killer Talks Creativity & His Collection With Crate Diggers

Gaslamp Killer Talks Creativity + His Vinyl Collection With Crate Diggers


Gaslamp Killer invites FUSE into his home to talk creativity, artistic inspiration and his crazy vinyl collection on the latest episode of Crate Diggers. Full of energy and an encyclopedic knowledge of the joints in his ever-growing catalog, Gaslamp Killer runs down his own musical history from childhood forward. He details his journey into DJing and production – one that would lead him from his early roots in punk, bay area rap and the massive rave scene into the life of a drum break junkie with an unadulterated love for dope sounds, obscure vinyl and the compulsion of digging. Their chat also features some unsolicited commentary from his neighbor’s dog, Donald. The walk through Gaslamp Killer’s collection is crowned by a handful of 12″ test pressings from Brainfeeder‘s big chief Flying Lotus; Gaslamp Killer has almost all of the records FlyLo’s dropped, each marked with personal notes and artwork from the man himself. GLK wraps things up with a random devotion to Dilla, before musing aloud that he wished they could have hung out. Check the footage below to watch the latest episode of Crate Diggers featuring Gaslamp Killer. Pick up Gaslamp Killer’s Breakthrough LP via iTunes.

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