GTA V & Flying Lotus Team To Present FlyLo FM


Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Games prep fans and music junkies for the latest chapter of the role-playing franchise with news that Flying Lotus will have his own station for the fifth edition of the game, dubbed FlyLo FM. The news follows recent leaks of tracks relevant to the forthcoming release of the game and the recent announcement that Kenny Loggins, Pam Grier and Bootsy Collins will also be tapped to host radio stations; they will be the faces of classic rock, soul and 80's funk respectively. GTA V will contain a windfall of music including 15 radio stations, 240 licensed songs and a 20-minute score. Rockstar's soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich gave some insight on FlyLo FM in a discussion with Rolling Stone:

We heard that you worked with Flying Lotus as well.

For us, he's the most exciting person in the electronic music scene. We'd actually met at South by Southwest a few years back, and then when we called him, he was like, "Of course man!" He was one of the artists who was most excited about working on GTA. So for us, Flying Lotus was the perfect combination of what he does and what we wanted to achieve with this station, so he was the first person we approached.

Tyler [the Creator] is featured on his station. I met Tyler backstage at one of the Pitchfork festivals, and the first thing he said was, "San Andreas is my shit. You've gotta tell me when the next GTA is coming." So Tyler's been wanting to be involved since – well, I guess since San Andreas – and it happened that Tyler and Steve [Ellison, aka Flying Lotus] are friends, and that putting Tyler's song on Steve's station made the most sense.

Aside from FlyLo FM, Flying Lotus has teamed with Tyler, The Creator to add a tune to the game's soundtrack. Check the track below to preview the radio montage from FlyLo FM. Stay tuned for more from Flying Lotus and GTA V.