Full Crate Flips Pharrell On His Vibrant New Cut "Special"

Full Crate Flips Pharrell On His Powerful New Single "Special"

Full Crate Special Album Art Square
(Art by Yavez S.E. Anthonio)

A quick glance at the single art for Full Crate‘s new cut “Special” immediately brings to mind warm air, running streams and a sky half-shaded by dense forrest. The vibe, in a word, is tropical, and that’s exactly what the music itself conveys. The Dutch electro producer who specializes in both discotheque heat and after-hours chill, and on “Special” he finds what might be the perfect halfway point. Flipping some iconic Pharrell lines from “Beautiful,” this one’s a little misty, very vibrant and all around quite lovely. If it doesn’t turn out to be an essential club track, it’ll at the very least make you want to drive the car a few more times ’round the block before you hop on out.

As he uploaded the track earlier this week, Full Crate confirmed that the Pharrell samples are what gives “Special” its x factor. Additional vocals come from Amsterdam singer Gia Koka, and what’s more, the single is doubling as the formal announcement of Full Crate’s next upcoming EP, dubbed Pleasure Pools. From the sounds of “Special,” it’s going to be a lovely swim indeed; listen to the track below and stay vigilant for more.

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