coldplay fix you four tet remix
coldplay fix you four tet remix

Four Tet Unveils His Long-Hidden Remix To Coldplay's "Fix You," Live On The BBC With Jon Hopkins

Four-Tet x Burial x Mariah Carey

Four Tet has, for years, been one of the most respected creators of remixes that the music scene has to offer. Now, just as news has arrived that the British musician is making new music under the name Percussions, Four Tet has shared a top-notch remix that's been hidden away from the world for almost a decade.

Appearing on Jon Hopkins's BBC Radio 1 program, Tet revealed that he had been commissioned by none other than Coldplay (or, rather, their label) to remix their 2005 hit "Fix You." Four Tet completed the task, but for reasons unclear the Coldplay camp decided to not roll out his fine piece of work. The material had sat gathering dust until yesterday when Hopkins--and the rest of the world--was treated to a listen. What we've been missing is a twinkling vibraphone-heavy rework that trades some of the textbook Coldplay bombast for more delicate music box mien. Tet had especially high praise for lead vocalist Chris Martin, whose vocal on "Fix You" was "of all the remixes I've ever done, one of the best vocal takes I've ever been sent."

Head over to the BBC's website to listen to the "Fix You" remix. The unheard material begins at roughly 25:50.