Fashion Friday: Africa Is The Future, Solange x ASOS & More

Fashion Friday: Africa Is The Future, Solange x ASOS, Daily Paper & Rihanna x Vogue

We’re back for Fashion Friday with some hot news as usual. This week, we kick things off with some new looks from Africa Is The Future.

‘Imagine Africa in 2034, as the first world power, through the covers of a fictitious magazine.’ – AITF

Started in 2004 by Nicolas Premier and Patrick Ayamam, Africa Is The Future is an organization focused on promoting a positive and real image of Africa. In 2004, AITF released a t-shirt with bold capital letters that simply stated “AFRICA IS THE FUTURE.” In celebration of their 10th anniversary, AITF recently launched a campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank to raise money for a new project. They explain the campaign in their own words:

‘Imagine: it’s 2034. The African Continent has been renamed “The United Republics of Africa” (U.R.A) and has become the dominant global power. The U.R.A is a leader and driver of technology, space travel, art, film, fashion, architecture and more. U.R.A’s most widely read, most profitable publication is AITF Magazine. As the iconic Life Magazine covers illustrated American growth post-World War II, AITF Magazine covers relate the economic and political rise of the United Republics of Africa. The familiarity of Life covers, emblematic of the American Dream, beautifully suit this parodic diversion. This is no Nostradamus inspired effort to predict the future. AITF covers are an ironic transposition of the World as presented in the international, traditional and dominant media landscape.’ You can already see the initial mockups, giving you a first idea of their next project.

Moving from the motherland to the UK, Solange Knowles discussed her stylistic growth in the June issue of ASOS Magazine:

‘I might be having a little evolution in my style — it’s been a lot more subtle. I had a bit of print fatigue, it’s been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. But you want to evolve and experiment. That’s part of the fun and the joy of being a woman.’

Solange is clearly prepared to change direction. She has been an expert in patterns and prints for quite a long time. Who knows where the wind may take her next. Chances are we may see her in more monochromatic looks for the summer or something much more unexpected. Whatever she chooses to do, she will undoubtedly remain a fashion icon and source of inspiration for many years to come. Look out for more from Solange and check out the full profile in the June issue of ASOS Magazine.

Solange maybe over prints but we’re not and thankfully neither is Daily Paper; the influential Dutch menswear label just unveiled a lookbook video of pieces from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection inspired by the Kuba Kingdom in Congo and teamed up with videographer Steven Elbers to deliver a wide-cross of ready-to-wear garments with unique patterns, colors and fabrics. The footage, which finds the label matching looks from the traditional and contemporary worlds with ease, is a definite success. The collection features all over print t-shirts, denim shirts, classic bomber jackets and embroidered shorts – all cool pieces that will match easily with basics.

Last but not least, Rihanna has been making a splash lately with a series of high profile fashion pics and nudes. If nothing else, these photos indicate that she has no limits as she continues to reinvent herself. Vogue Brazil recently asked the 26 year-old singer  to grace the cover their May 2014 issue in celebration of their 39th anniversary. Rihanna was photographed (topless) in Rio De Janeiro by photographer Mariano Vivianco. Upping the ante of bare skin even further, Riri also has a topless shot on the front of adult magazine Lui. Photographed by well-known photographer Mario Sorrenti, Rihanna appears in pink bikini bottoms and a bucket hat. On the off-chance you needed more evidence of Rihanna’s willingness to push the envelope, this photo should help. Check the footage below to get a behind-the-scenes look at what she has been up to in Brazil.  Far as what Rihanna has planned next…anything could happen.

Check the gallery above to get a full taste of all of the looks for Fashion Friday. Stay tuned for more next week.

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