Eric Andre Drops Full "Rapper, Warrior, Ninja" Bit w/ Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky + More

Eric Andre's "Rapper, Warrior, Ninja" Segment Is Sheer Chaos

Eric Andre's "Rapper, Warrior, Ninja" Segment Is Sheer Chaos

This Friday, we’ll finally be able to lay our eyes and ear on the fourth season of The Eric Andre Show. The off-beat-ism has been tasted, in part, during the host’s recent visits to the Republican National Convention, where he was predictably met with a bit of hostility after crashing an Alex Jones-led rally outside of the convention. He’s recently spoken to that hotbed of racism and nationalism (and borderline fascism) during a stop on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert just last week.

Today, however, he treats us to the full script of his “Rapper, Warrior, Ninja” segment (previewed at SXSW this year) where he puts Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Nocando and Mick Jenkins through an actual gauntlet, furnished with balancing beam, American Gladiators, cattle prods and a kiddy pool. You can watch the chaos unfold in the clip below, just be sure to tune in for the season four debut this Friday, August 5 at midnight EST. You can also revisit the new season’s trailer, and, course, the riotously hilarious RNC takeover for some laughs, with just a dash of fright for his livelihood. You can also refer to his site for opportunities to see Eric Andre live and direct throughout this month and next.

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