Eric Andre On Eddie Murphy's SNL 40 Moment

Eric Andre Speaks Out In Defense Of Eddie Murphy & His 'SNL 40' Moment

Eric Andre Speaks Out In Defense Of Eddie Murphy & His 'SNL 40' Moment

By now we’ve all probably had the time to properly deal with Eddie Murphy‘s slightly underwhelming return to the SNL stage for their 40th anniversary festivities. And yeah, we were all hoping for the Gumby or James Brown bit, but after learning of the absolutely polarizing and hardly hilarious Bill Cosby routine Lorne and the gang proposed to the man that singlehandedly saved the show, we can hardly hold that against him. But what about a burgeoning young comedian like Eric Andre? What might he have to contribute to the discussion as a spry funnyman, making waves of his own with jarring, at times downright uncomfortable joke-slinging. Not surprisingly, he would have done the Cosby bit in a flash, but also empathizes with a performer of such legendary caliber exercising his veto on that bill. Andre also notes that the public might not have been ready to laugh at that kind of funny and I’m inclined to agree. Read the blurb below, but hit UPROXX for the full script.

“I think what Eddie Murphy was sensing was… I think he just didn’t feel comfortable making that joke yet. You know what I mean? As a comic, you get pitched stuff all the time… sometimes you think stuff is fine and its edgy and funny, and sometimes you think it’s in bad taste. And honestly, when Kenan did the joke, it did kind of tank. Like, the audience wasn’t ready to laugh about that. I mean, some audience members think he’s falsely accused, some audience members think he’s rightfully accused but maybe they don’t feel good about joking about serial rape. So, I think he made the call like, “Ah, I’m not really ready to make that joke. It’s out of my comfort zone.” You know, you gotta make those calls all the time. So I don’t fault Eddie Murphy for that at all. I would have done the joke, I don’t give a f*ck. But you could tell the audience was uncomfortable.”

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