Dave Chappelle Shares Trailer For New Netflix Special 'Sticks & Stones'
Dave Chappelle Shares Trailer For New Netflix Special 'Sticks & Stones'
Source: Netflix

Will Dave Chappelle Win The Grammy's Best Comedy Album Award For The Third Year In A Row?

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The comedian's Sticks and Stones special has been nominated.

After winning the Grammy's Best Comedy Album award in 2018 and 2019 for his Netflix specials the Heart of Texas and The Age of Spin and Equanimity, respectively, Dave Chappelle may receive the award again for the 2020 Grammy Awards.

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The comedian's latest comedy special, Sticks and Stones, has been nominated for the award alongside Jim Gaffigan's Quality Time, Ellen DeGeneres' Relatable, Aziz Ansari's Right Now, and Trevor Noah's Son of Patricia.

Chappelle won his first-ever Grammy back in 2018 for his two Netflix specials the Heart of Texas and The Age of Spin.

"I am honored to win an award, finally. And I wanted to thank everybody at Netflix, everyone at Saturday Night Live and everyone at Chappelle's Show," the comedian said at the time he won the Grammy.

Last month, Chappelle received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at The Kennedy Center.

The event also featured a handful of celebrities speaking on Chappelle and the impact he has had on their lives, one of them being Neal Brennan, who co-created Chappelle’s Show alongside Chappelle.

During his speech, he talked about some of the resistance he and Chappelle faced while pitching Chappelle’s Show.

“Why do we need you when we have Chris Rock?” Brennan recalled someone telling them. “See, back then, there could only be one popular black comedian at a time. Unlike today, when there could be three.”