Watch D'Angelo Perform "Feel Like Making Love" Live In Sydney

Watch D'Angelo Put A Funky Spell On "Feel Like Making Love" Live At The Sydney Opera House

D'Angelo & The Vanguard

D’Angelo & The Vanguard Live @ Sydney Opera House 3/21/16. Shot by Averie Cole (averiecole.com).

Perhaps some of you folks caught our recap of D’Angelo & The Vanguard‘s stunning Sydney Opera House performance in the wee hours of this morning. Perhaps, still, some of you are yearning for that live-and-direct blessing that is experiencing the D & The D’sciples at work. Well, today the internets are in your corner, as a video of the crew performing their ever-changing Roberta Flack cover, “Feel Like Making Love,” has surfaced for all to behold. Those that caught D in the first grip of Second Coming dates should know this version well; upbeat (but not as explosive as Voodoo era “…Making Love,”) synthesized and freaked-to-death with bright key swells and a swing that would make Dilla proud.

We know you’ve been patiently waiting for D’s return to the stateside stage, and while we can’t say for sure when that’ll come, we can say that this should hold you over just fine until further notice. Just remember, your boy’s working on a Black Messiah follow-up. So ease up and let him do what he do. Watch D’Angelo & The Vanguard put a funky spell on “Feel Like Making Love” live at the Sydney Opera House below and hold tight. Never know when or where he’ll pop up next.

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