Chris Rock On Joe Biden’s Election Win: “I Wasn’t Jumping For Joy”

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Chris Rock On Joe Biden's Election Win: "I Wasn’t Jumping For Joy"
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In a new interview Chris Rock talked about Joe Biden’s election win, portraying Loy Cannon in the latest season of Fargo and more.

Chris Rock isn’t overly joyous about Joe Biden‘s presidential win, but he does hope the new U.S. president is able to undo a lot of the mess Donald Trump created during his presidency.

In a recent interview with Deadline, the comedian was asked about Biden being the country’s next president.

“When Biden won, I wasn’t jumping for joy,” Rock said. “I was like Tom Hanks in Cast Away; I just wanted to hug Helen Hunt [Laughs]. You know, he’s not jumping for joy when he sees the ship. He’s just like, ‘Where’s Helen Hunt, man? I’ve been eating coconuts for years. Can I just f*cking hold Helen Hunt?'”

Rock then went on to say that he’s kind of optimistic about the future of the country, before adding that he’d like to see Biden institute “some scientific department — like, the Supreme Court of Science, just for the lack of a better name — that would be in charge of anything medical or environmental,” following the coronavirus pandemic.

“You know, Donald Trump did this thing… Like, when security companies build new locks or security systems, they hire crooks to show you the weaknesses of the system. Well, Donald Trump showed us the weakness of our government,” Rock said. “Now, it’s up to Joe Biden and Congress and the Senate to get rid of those weaknesses—to instill safeguards that actually protect us from unqualified, mad men and mad women, so that we never have to be at the mercy of a person that does not exhibit empathy and competence.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he also talked about portraying ’50s gangster Loy Cannon in the fourth season of Fargo, and said that he tried to bring a “Wire approach” to the role, referring to the seminal HBO crime drama series.

“The beauty of The Wire is, they always knew that no gangster is just a gangster. They always knew that no matter how encompassing your job is, it’s just your job, and your real life is the relationships you have,” he said. “Even Breaking Bad, it’s like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. This guy’s going to kill him. That guy’s going to kill them. But boy, he doesn’t want his wife mad at him.'”

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