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Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era (Tupac, B.I.G, Nas)

"Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era" Highlights One of Hip-Hop's Most Iconic Photographers

From New York to Lagos, Chi Modu documented a new world through photography.

Legendary Nigerian-American Hip-Hop photographer and documentarian Chi Modu teamed up with creative platform Melanin Unscripted founded by Amarachi Nwosu for "Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era."

Modu has photographed nearly every rapper during the early aughts and heights of their fame, from the early '90s and onward.

The doc takes the viewer on a visual journey through New York and then Lagos with Chi Modu as he reflects on his dual upbringing and how that spawned his homecoming exhibition in Nigeria as he bridged two cultures.

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Last year, Modu and Budweiser's music platform BUD X visited Lagos, Nigeria to present his most memorable work in the 'Uncategorized Photo Exhibition and Workshop.' The experience was chronicled through the visual short by Nwosu's platform.

"With a camera, I tell stories," Modu says in the doc. "I knew that hip-hop was a story that wasn't being told visually, so I brought my photojournalism skills to it to apply this high level of photography to this thing that everyone thinks is for the bad kids."

He continues, "I'm going to actually humanize them."

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Watch the short-doc, "Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era" above and revisit some of Chi Modu's most iconic photographs below.