LargeUp Video: Bill Cosby Skanks To The Roots Playing "Sponji Reggae" On Jimmy Fallon

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Streets been talking about Bill Cosby's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. And yet! If not for the vigilance of LargeUp, would've missed the most important part of the whole show--ie Cosby's extended skank to Black Uhuru's "Sponji Reggae," as selected by The Roots for his walk-on music.In fact, Cosby was catching such a vibe from the classic rhythm--made famous by it's use on Cosby Show bit featuring Lisa Bonét's character and a would-be boyfriend--that the skank becomes a sort of spontaneous skit/stand-up routine, and goes on so long that The Roots have to make up some other walk-on music for Cosby's second, actual, walk-0n. LargeUp's reggae radar is unparalleled generally but they have already weighed in on the historical importance of "Sponji Reggae" x Cosby in previous posts, including the must-read Hollywood's Top 10 Worst Jamaican Accents. So I will let them tell the story...hit the links at bottom to watch both the hilarious Fallon moment and the original Cosby Show segment, but find a quick viewers guide below:

- "Hey, Mon!" ad-libs are a special Cosby dub version, not on the original

- Cosby doesn't remember the track until ?uestlove reminds him.

- ?uesto pronounces it "Spoon-ji Reggae," possibly conflating the title with old school rapper Spoonie Gee in the heat of the moment.

- Cosby also admits he doesn't really like reggae because it's like "walking with one leg shorter than the other"

-If you listen close, you can hear his appendix burst

>>>Watch Bill Cosby x The Roots - "Sponji Reggae" (via LargeUp)

>>>Watch D.Original Cosby Show "Sponji Reggae" Segment (via LargeUp)