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ASAP Rocky
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UPDATE: ASAP Rocky Released From Swedish Jail

Update two: ASAP Rocky released his first statement after being released from jail. He thanked all the people that supported him.

Read the message below.

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UPDATE: ASAP Rocky allowed to leave Sweden while awaiting a verdict.

A judge has announced that ASAP Rocky and co-defendants are now allowed to leave Sweden while awaiting a verdict following a controversial assault case.

The decision came at the end of the third day of trial proceedings on August 2nd.

The president tweeted, the Harlem rapper will be headed back to the United States.

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Swedish Prosecutors Want ASAP Rocky Sentenced to 6 Months In Jail

The presumed last day of ASAP Rocky's Sweden assault trial took place Friday (August 2).

The Harlem rapper could face a sentence of up to two years. According to on-site reports from BBC News, the prosecution is seeking a 6-10 month jail sentence if he's convicted.

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This request came as part of the prosecution’s closing arguments Friday. They said evidence suggests glass bottles were used during the altercation with Mustafa Jafari and another man, and that the physical altercation continued after witnesses stopped filming. The prosecution also stated that Rocky’s bodyguard should have known to contact the police and ask for help.

They also said Rocky and his associates could have removed themselves from the scene and did not have to use “self-defense” as they claimed. The prosecution also concluded that they should be convicted due to the “excess” of force used against Jafari.

Check out a roundup of on-the-ground reporting from inside and outside the courtroom below.