Alice Russell - "I'm The Man That Will Find You"

Alice Russell Delivers A Fiery Cover Of Connan Mockasin's "I'm The Man That Will Find You"

by zo
October 21, 2014 3:19 PM

Alice Russell Delivers An Explosive Cover Of Connan Mockasin's "I'm The Man That Will Find You"

It’s been a minute since we caught up with UK soul-dynamo Alice Russell. Today we’ve got some explosive new sonics in the form of her latest single “I’m The Man That Will Find You,” a cover of Kiwi psych pop smash Connan Mockasin‘s Caramel soulful stand-out cut. Those who are familiar with Mockasin’s original will find the washed-out guitar and creepy, effected vocal ascension absent, supplanting them with her own full-bodied treatment, filling in the space with layer upon layer of her powerful vox. The result is something wholly unidentifiable, that mounts with every breath and is her’s and her’s alone.

We last heard from Russell back in June when she appeared on Quantic‘s “You Will Return”, but it appears we’ll be getting some new numbers soon enough. She’ll be dropping her single stateside on October 27th, but if you happen to be elsewhere in the world, you can cop it via Etch Shop today. Get your heart strings pulled by Alice Russell and her absolutely eruptive new single “I’m The Man That Will Find You” below.

Alice Russell Tour Dates :

October 23rd – Kanbar Hall: San Francisco, CA
October 24th – Skirball Cultural Center: Los Angeles, CA

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