A.K. Paul Begins The Paul Institute Curriculum w/ "Landcruisin"

Class Is In-Session: The Paul Institute's First Release Is A Purple Treat From A.K. Paul

by zo
March 24, 2016 6:56 PM

A.K. Paul Begins The Paul Institute Curriculum w/ "Landcruisin"

Just a few days ago, Jai & A.K. Paul sent up a flair/sign of life with the establishment of the Paul Institute; a characteristically mysterious landing site that encouraged users to sign up for direct updates on the duo’s anxiously-anticipated resurgence. And while many of us (yes, even this diehard Paul stan) assumed that The Institute was just another ploy to distract us from the fact that there hasn’t been anything to see or hear on the Paul front since Miguel‘s “FLESH” (and the leak of Jai’s demos well before that,) it appears we may actually be on the cusp of a real-life return to the world.

Today, Zane Lowe premiered (and then burned the tracks off of) “Landcruisin'”; the first release from A.K. Paul through The Paul Institute. And what a thorough lesson it is. Borrowing, as much of the Paul palette does, from Prince’s “Kiss”/Sign Of The Times-era genius, A.K. sculpts a slick and savory specimen that bleeds of purple excellence. And though you’ll have to be a member of The Institute to take a gander, we assure you the experience is well-worth the price of admission (free.) Hear the latest from A.K Paul and hold tight for the next session.

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