Jai Paul Reemerges, Announces New Project w/ Brother AK

The Ever-Enigmatic Jai Paul Has Announced His Return w/ A Mysterious New Project

by zo
March 21, 2016 5:19 PM

The Ever-Enigmatic Jai Paul Has Announced His Return w/ A Mysterious New Project

If this decade in music has proven anything, it’s that only one man can outdo Frank Ocean in terms of government clearance level tight-lipped secrecy. That man, of course, is the Mumbai monster known simply as Jai Paul. In 2011, he released the jaggedly mellifluous debut single “BTSTU,” following that with “Jasmine” (which has gone on to become something of an underground r&b classic in his absence.) Then, as we were prepping for the man’s XL Recordings close-up, he vanished out of the thin blue, likely in response to an album’s worth of demos leaking via Bandcamp.

Since then, sightings have been scarce, save for a brief appearance on Miguel‘s Wildheart standout “FLESH” and a photo that was taken while in-session. Today, however, Disco Naivete reports that something is afoot in the Paul camp with the launch of a new site for Paul Institute, which Pitchfork confirms to be a new project from the brothers Paul. Of course, the reveal doesn’t come without a veil of secrecy, as fans are encouraged to “enroll” for updates on the project via text message (itself, a kinda brilliant move to avoid the blogsphere and internet fodder altogether.) We can’t say much else at this point, as there are literally no details available at the moment, but by all means, enroll in the Paul Institute by hitting the link below and keep it locked extra-tight for new updates as they arise. Jai Paul cometh and can’t wait to hear what he’s been cooking up all these years.

>>>Enroll in the Paul Institute 

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