A.CHAL Drops a Trippy 'Tron'-Inspired Video For "Matrix"

A.CHAL Drops a Trippy 'Tron'-Inspired Video For "Matrix"

A.CHAL is Stuck in Virtual Reality Grind n the "Matrix" Video

Screenshot courtesy of YouTube.

Last month, Peruvian singer A.CHAL released a video for “To the Light” that was cinematic. The follow-up video, for the song “Matrix,” is cinematic, but in a different manner.

The visuals are trippy. The video is completely animated and features a Tron-like grid.

VIBE premiered the video earlier today. The singer talked to the publication about the video, saying:

The Matrix and Tron movies were the mood for what I felt the visual for this song should be. Taking you on a trip into that dimension on a GAZI wave. It’s simply that.”

“Matrix” and “To the Light” will both be on his upcoming mixtape, called ON GAZ. That project is coming out on June 2nd. Watch the interesting video below.

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