Who's Up Next? 17 Artists To Watch in 2017

Who's Up Next? 17 Artists To Watch in 2017

by Okayplayer
December 30, 2016 10:15 AM

Who's Up Next? 17 Artists To Watch in 2017

2016 has been one helluva year, right, players? The dastardly deeds from celebrities, the crazy sad passings of our favorite artists and personalities and the ascent of Donald Drumpf as our new @POTUS has made the year eventful, surprising and disappointing to say the least. It has been a rollercoaster of love, anger, hate and frustration in one big, giant wet paper towel. Add to all of that the fast-pace rigamarole of music, as we’re constantly checking for who is new and who is coming into the game — and it is enough to make you quite burned out.

For whatever you might think of the year that was, 2016 has introduced a fair share of hungry acts who are ready to scratch and claw their way into your playlists in 2017. Here at Okayplayer, we pride ourselves on being up on the future stars (call us Okayplayer-damus) of the game. Whether they are found through traditional means of showcases or discovered on the World Wide Web — these new acts that we’ve chosen as artists to watch in 2017 are ones who we hope will continue to move the game forward with style, panache and pride.

So, before we ring in the New Year, here are 17 artists to keep an eye and ear on in the next one. — Kevito 

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