Photo Credit: Troy Montes for Okayplayer

SZA Commences Sad Girl Season With New Single "I Hate U"

SZA releases her newest single "I Hate U" after she initially released and deleted it back in August.

Remember that SZA song "I Hate U" that was released on her secret SoundCloud and was taken down? It’s now on streamers. 

“I Hate U” was a bop from the moment the TDE singer released it recently, we were sad to see it gone. Now her fans can enjoy the cut. The track is filled with reflections on love, heartache and her headspace regarding a love gone wrong. SZA doesn’t leave any stone unturned. 

The lyrics made us believe that “sad girl season” is officially in full effect:

“I've been up, baby/Heavy reminiscin'/Heavy on the missin' you

Wish shit was different than what it was/I've been up, baby

Lost in the lie of us/Lost, ain't no findin' us

I've been up, baby”

If you’re deep in the SZA fandom, you’re well aware that in August she shared a snippet of a track titled “Joni” and then released it and “I Hate U” on her secret SoundCloud. Following the reception, she announced she’d be dropping the latter.

In November of last year on her forthcoming album, she emphasized that the release would be heartful. "I'm making all different types of s—." Here's to hoping that this single gives us a glimpse into the upcoming drop.

Stream "I Hate U" below.