Jazz Album From Prince's Father Released

Jazz Album From Prince's Father Released

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Jazz Album From Prince’s Father Released

A jazz album written by Prince‘s father was recently released.

Titled Don’t Play With Love – The John L. Nelson Project, the seven-track release features jazz compositions written by John L. Nelson in the ’70s and was produced by Sharon L. Nelson (John’s daughter and Prince’s half-sister) at Paisley Park. Sharon rediscovered the compositions two years ago in her New York City apartment.

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The sessions for the album were the first to take place at Prince’s private estate and production complex since his death in 2016. Louis Hayes (John’s nephew) and his Legacy Band recorded the tracks on the albums. Listen to the album below via Bandcamp.

Recently, it was reported that a copy of Prince’s 1994 limited edition release, The Black Album, was sold for over $5,000.

According to Discogs, the limited edition numbered grey variant release of the The Black Album is the most expensive item sold for January 2018, selling for $5,332. This particular version of the vinyl came in a white sleeve with the catalog number (1-45793) and without credits. Record company information appeared only on the spine and was numbered #001 to #050.

Sometimes referred to as The Funk Bible, The Black Album is the 16th studio album recorded by Prince. Released on November 22, 1994 through Warner Brothers the project was originally slated for release on December 8, 1987, as the follow-up to Sign o’ the Times which was released in March 1987. Ultimately, Prince ordered The Black Album to be withdrawn a week before its release date, and the album was replaced with the Lovesexy, released in May of 1988.

Prior to this one, two other vinyl copies of The Black Album were sold for notable prices — $20,000 and $15,000.

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