Songwriters Countersue Lizzo for Credits and Royalties in “Truth Hurts” Copyright Case

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Lizzo Countersued by Songwriters in "Truth Hurts" Copyright Case
Source : NPR
Lizzo Countersued by Songwriters in "Truth Hurts" Copyright Case

Source : NPR

“Truth Hurts” spent seven weeks at No. 1 in 2019.

The legal battle between Lizzo and a trio of songwriters over the credits and royalties for one of last year’s biggest songs is heating up…again.

According to court documents obtained by Pitchfork, songwriters Justin Raisen, Jeremiah Raisen and Justin “Yves” Rothman, filed a countersuit against Lizzo in California’s federal court on Friday. The suit contends the artist plagiarized components of her hit “Truth Hurts” from their demo for a song called “Healthy.” Should the case reach the court, they threaten to share early recordings of the track, as well as text messages between the plaintiffs and “Truth Hurts” producer, Ricky Reed, allegedly displaying his sympathy for the Raisens and Rothman’s claims in the weeks following the song’s debut at the top of the charts.

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Last year, Lizzo filed her own complaint against the songwriters, attempting to bar them from collecting payments or credits for the track. In their countersuit, the songwriters are seeking ownership of their demo, co-ownership and royalties from “Truth Hurts,” as well as the dismissal of Lizzo’s suit.

In his statement, Lawrence Y. Iser, attorney for the Raisens and Rothman, explains “Our clients deserve their fair share of the recognition and revenue that comes from collaborating on a hit song. From the standpoint of the industry as a whole, a contrary result would make it impossible for working musicians to be confident that they will be properly credited for their work if they get into a studio and create songs with powerful artists.”


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