Jay z likes jay electronica tweets
Jay z likes jay electronica tweets

Jay Electronica Says His Album is "Done" & That He'll Release it in "40 Days"

Jay Electronica says he will finally release his debut album next month.

"Album done." Wait, what?

On February 7th, at the stroke of midnight, Jay Electronica announced news fans have been waiting over a decade to hear: his debut album is done.

In a brief tweetstorm, Jay announced that his debut album, A Written Testimony, was recorded over a 40-day, 40-night stretch starting on December 26th. Jay also announced that the album will be released in 40 days (which is March 18th, a Wednesday, an odd day to release a debut album.) Jay also revealed that JAY-Z would be on the album.

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Adding some legitimacy to the tweet is the fact that JAY-Z — who doesn't tweet or interact with tweets much — liked Jay Eleconrica's series of tweets. JAY-Z, the head of Roc Nation, signed Jay Electronica to the label back in 2010.

Jay z likes jay electronica tweets

It should also be noted that Young Guru and Just Blaze, who both have worked with Jay Electronica for years, also sent out tweets about the news. Just Blaze sent out a tweet saying "Are you watching closely?" and Yong Guru tweeted out "Facts!!!!!! This is not a drill." 

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Now, be warned, this isn't the first time Jay Electronica has tweeted about his debut album being done. Back in 2011, Jay Electronica made a similar announcement. Obviously, the album never dropped. Over the decade he has released a bunch of loosies and collaborated with a number of artists, from Kendrick Lamar to JAY-Z. But no official album or follow up to his classic Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) tape. Most fans seemed to concede that the album would never come. We recently just called him the biggest what if of the 2010s (maybe he read the article?) 

We'll find out soon enough if we'll get a new album or if this was just another pump fake. Check out Jay Electronica's tweets below.