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Inspired by Kevin Durant, Jay Electronica Drops “Letter to Falon”

Inspired by Kevin Durant, Jay Electronica Drops “Letter to Falon”

Jay Electronica Drops "Letter to Falon"
Artwork courtesy of Instagram.

 We don’t hear much from Jay Electronica.

But when we do, it’s usually new music. And most of the time, the music is heat.

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Moments ago the reclusive rapper put out a new track called “Letter to Falon.” So why drop this new track? Oddly enough, it was the NBA Finals that seems to have inspired the rapper. Jay tweeted the song and some words of encouragement to Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant:

It should be noted that Jay Electronica and Kevin Durant both have strong Roc Nation connections. So that would probably explain how they are able to rub shoulders with each other.
Hey, Kevin and Kevin’s pops, next time you see Jay ask about the album.
Listen to “Letter to Falon” below.


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