Giveon When Its All Said And Done Cover Art
Giveon When Its All Said And Done Cover Art
Photo Credit: Epic Records

Giveon's New EP 'When It's All Said And Done' Elevates His Unique Sound

On his newest release he shared, "[This] EP is the conclusion to this chapter of my life."

After a stunning debut, Giveon returns to unveil his latest EP When It’s All Said And Done

The Long Beach, California native’s baritone voice takes center stage on four emotional tracks. Since he bursted into the mainstream, the singer has accumulated a feverish fanbase and for good reason. On Take Time, his debut EP he made a compelling case for contemporary R&B directly inspired by neo-soul. But with When It’s All Said And Done he digs even further and makes it clear he’s not planning on dipping away anytime soon. The release is filled with an elevated texture and airiness that wasn't heard on his debut.

“Still Your Best” is a staple on the release and on it, Giveon addresses that he’s the one that got away. He expresses explicitly how his former lover downgraded. This song also captures the essence of love and what it’s like to leave someone who isn’t worthy of your time and effort. What makes the track worthy of a spot on the EP is how it is produced to sound stripped-down as it explores Giveon’s vocal range.

Giveon Photo Credit: Obidi Nzeribe

Over on “Last Time,” another favorite on the release, Snoh Aalegra and Giveon showcase their musical chemistry. We’ve all been here, needing to leave a situation, but not quite knowing how to. The two singers are an ideal union as they play off of one another throughout the entire song. 

“You’re my baby even when you leave me” rings loudly throughout “Stuck On You,” the closing song. Lyrically, this track expounds upon a toxic situation that’s so damaging that you can’t even be honest with your friends about it. Giveon recollects his feelings for someone and how he yearns to understand why he once kept rushing back. 

In total, When It's All Said And Done details each stage of a breakup. It details Giveon's pain, anguish and his emotional intelligence. Through the lyrics, it becomes clear this EP is his way of dealing with sorrow and regret so he can get to a clear-headed space to flourish and bloom. On the release he shared, "I want everyone to know this project has a story being told from start to finish and I was very particular with the sonics as if I was scoring a film. [This] EP is the conclusion to this chapter of my life."

We'd be remiss if we ignored the fact that the R&B landscape has shifted tremendously over the past ten years. The shifts have carved out space for artists to swoop in and claim their own territory, which is exactly what Giveon did this year. When It’s All Said And Done firmly asserts vocals are still of supreme importance. Naysayers believe auto-tune alleviated the ability for talented vocalists to succeed. For those who say this genre is dying, this EP proves that it’s not, in fact it’s thriving.

Stream When It’s All Said And Done below.