DaniLeigh Movie Album Cover Art
DaniLeigh Movie Album Cover Art
Photo Credit: Def Jam

Stream DaniLeigh's New Album 'Movie' Featuring Ty Dolla $ign, DaBaby & PARTYNEXTDOOR

The singer-songwriter offers an intimate look at how she copes with relationships, stardom and more on her new release.

Miami-bred singer DaniLeigh returns to unveil her latest project Movie, an R&B-centered album. The release is stacked with quite a few notable collaborators including PARTYNEXTDOOR, Ty Dolla $ign, DaBaby, Fivio Foreign and more. 

Movie is fleshed out and lyrically invests in the deep abyss of the R&B market with some trap inclinations that work for her. The selection of the fitting features makes it clear she and her team have an ear for artists she has chemistry with. 

Born Danielle Curiel, the songstress initially garnered buzz at 18 when she was introduced to the industry as Prince’s mentee. Curiel’s family sacrificed all they had to move to California since she had aspirations to make it in music. Her parents even left behind the restaurant they owned in Orlando. She was 16 then, now years removed, the bare bones of her artistry get a chance to shine on her latest offering

When speaking on the LP and her relatability in her songwriting in an interview with DJ Booth, DaniLeigh shared: 

“I am not a big speaker when it comes to my private life, so my music is my outlet to let people get to know me. It’s so important for me to make sure I’m 100 percent authentic with it and making sure people know what I’ve gone through so they can feel me. Hopefully, it can heal people as well, listening to my story.”

The tracks that resonated most were “Situations,” “My Terms,” “Misunderstood,” and “I Wish.” The softness found on “Situations” is what makes this song work. It’s a relatable cut. Over on “My Terms,” DaniLeigh and PARTYNEXTDOOR prove they're a great pairing, the chemistry is undeniable. They both touch on wanting things on their own terms and the conflict that can create. 

“Misunderstood” is also an example of how DaniLeigh makes room for herself in the crowded R&B lane alongside Queen Naija, another emerging singer. It wouldn’t be a complete album without the appearance of the multi-talented Ty Dolla $ign. He tops off the release on “I Wish.” This track is yet another foray into the singer’s vulnerable side that she’s dug into throughout MOVIE.

DaniLeigh’s MOVIE is a pivotal step in the right direction for her artistry, it’s proof that the years she’s spent grinding weren’t in vain. As a whole, the LP is lyrically driven but it’s also strengthened by the intimate production and catchy choruses on many of the tracks. 

Stream MOVIE below.