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PARTYNEXTDOOR's Highly Anticipated Album 'PARTYMOBILE' Is Here, Rihanna Returns on Collab "Believe It"

PARTYNEXTDOOR PARTYMOBILE Album Cover Art Photo Credit: Twitter

The rumors were true after all, the Barbadian singer also makes her return to music.

Following quite a few years on somewhat of a sabbatical from the industry, PARTYNEXTDOOR unleashes his new album PARTYMOBILE

The 15-track release comes after months of speculation from fans. PARTY’s last full-length project was Seven Days which arrived back in 2017.

Ahead of the drop, the OVO artist unveiled two singles which are surefire standouts on the project, “Loyal” featuring Drake and “Split Decision.” If you’re a PND head, you’ve probably been anticipating for him to actually put out an album worthy of a comeback. PARTYMOBILE is effortless, intoxicating and reminiscent of projects like his debut release PARTYNEXTDOOR (2013) and PND 2 (2014).

Since it’s 2020, it’s honestly refreshing to hear a lineup of deep cuts that sound like his past work. The R&B singer has never been shy about digging into the messy parts of his life: relationships, sex and bad situationships. The beats are light and allow his vocals to take over each track. 

Staples on the album that we really enjoyed after a first listen include “Turn Up,” and “Touch Me.” “Turn Up” is a stunning song, what makes it work is that it has the same sound as songs off the PND 2 album. “Touch Me” sticks out since it appears to be a lightly edited song. “Touch me and remind me of what I want / it’s been a while since you touched me,” which appears on the track is also an undeniably great line.

Two more tracks we’re really into on the release are “Trauma” and “Believe It” featuring Rihanna (yes you read that right). The former is a bit of an experimental track for PND, but we’re into it, he’s honestly the king of R&B for many. “Believe It” is the first feature from the Barbadian singer since 2017, according to Genius. What makes this track pop isn’t just the wow factor that it’s Rihanna, the duo has a bit of chemistry. The song follows both perspectives of being faithful in a romantic relationship. 

For diehard fans of PND, PARTYMOBILE is an enjoyable listen. Also, if your college spring breaks consisted of South Beach Miami on Ocean Drive at Wet Willie’s and a few hours at King of Diamonds then this project is for you. If you’re coming for an evolved sound from him, you won’t get that (and that’s perfectly ok). 

Stream PARTYMOBILE below.