Charlamagne Tha God Rape Accuser Takes Case to State Supreme Court

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Update: Charlamagne Tha God and hist wife address rape allegations

After headlines surfaced saying Charlamagne had admitted to “raping” his wife during their first sexual encounter, the radio host addressed the claims on The Breakfast Club Tuesday morning. The radio personality said the couple was “super young and super super drunk”  during the incident and dialed his wife on-air to discuss. The two described the incident as “consensual.”

Watch the full conversation below:

Charlamagne Tha God’s legal battle continues after a 2001 rape allegation resurfaced.

The woman who accused radio host Charlamagne Tha God of raping her in 2001 is taking the case to South Carolina Supreme Court’s disciplinary counsel, claiming the prosecution of improperly handling the criminal case.

In a letter obtained by The Blast from Jessica Reid sent to John S. Nichols, a deputy for the Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Counsel in South Carolina, Reid writes that she was “uncooperative” at the time of the investigation because of being “traumatized,” and claims it was the “prosecutor’s responsibility” to defend her.

The 32-year-old, who was 15 at the time of the incident, now wants to file an official claim agains the prosecution for allowing Charlamagne to cut a plea deal and dismiss the charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, saying there was “no investigation done to bring justice,” and claims Charlamagne “continues to violate me on the radio, in his book and on social media.”

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Since a rape allegation resurfaced earlier this month, the host has used a clip on his podcast The Brilliant Idiots to address controversies surrounding the case.

“Back in 2015, I attempted to have a dialogue about rape culture with an emphasis on the role men play…I can honestly say that I communicated that all wrong,” he said. “For the record, in 1997 I was having consensual sex with a young lady.”

He continues. saying the encounter was consensual. “I was looking at some comments from rape survivors who were triggered by that conversation, and I have to apologize to y’all because that was not my intention,” he said. “I’ve told people on this podcast numerous times to avoid any gray areas…If she is incoherent in any way, leave her alone. I want to stress that I didn’t take advantage of anyone, and I want to apologize to anyone who was triggered by that story.”

Berkely County officially  reportedly said they will not reopen the case against Charlamagne.


Source: The Blast

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