This Is The Reason Why André 3000 Has Been Hanging Out In Philly

This Is The Reason Why André 3000 Has Been Hanging Out In Philly

This Is The Reason Why André 3000 Has Been Hanging Out In Philly

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However, it’s still unknown why exactly he has been playing the flute.

After reports of André 3000 being spotted playing the flute in Philadelphia surfaced, it’s now known why the Outkast rapper has been hanging out in the city.

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In a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Three Stacks has joined the cast of Dispatches from Elsewhere, a 10-episode series on AMC that started production this week in Philadelphia.

Per the AJC:

Dispatches… is drama about a group of people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding behind everyday life and discover an ever-deepening mystery.

The series is created by actor Jason Segel, who also stars in it. Segel will direct the first hour-long episode while Alethea Jones, who is executive producing the series, is slated to lead several other episodes. It is expected to premiere on AMC next year.

3000 has been seen throughout Philly playing the flute which, according to Remezcla, is a Mayan double flute made by Guillermo Martinez. Martinez is the owner of a shop called Quetzalcoatl Music in Southern California.

The Outkast rapper recently appeared in the sci-fi film High Life, directed by Claire Denis. The French director previously shared how her want to have 3000 in a movie stemmed from her appreciation of his music.

“I always liked André 3000,” the 72-year-old director said. “I always liked Outkast, and I had this idea, if one day I do a film in english and I can cast american people I would like to meet André Benjamin and ask him.”

The opportunity then presented itself in High Life, which Denis decided to film in English. However, upon trying to get in touch with the enigmatic rapper, the director was told she had to come to Atlanta by his agent, which she did.

“We went to Atlanta and we had a meeting in a restaurant and he was there, and Queen Latifah came to check on us,” Denis said. “And then, he said yes. I’m surprised because I didn’t think he would. His spirit was so easy.”

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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