Young Busco, the Creator of the “What Are Those?” Meme, Has Reportedly Died

Yannise Jean Yannise Jean is a freelance writer from Brooklyn.
Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube


Brandon Moore was just 31 years old.

Young Busco, the 31-year-old creator of the popular “What are those?” meme has reportedly died. All throughout social media, users on social media were sending their condolences.

The Instagram star, whose real name is Brandon Moore, rose to fame through a 2015 Vine where he questions an officers footwear.  “Officer I just have one question for you,” Busco says from behind the camera. “What are those?” He asks as he zooms in on the officer’s feet. (The unedited video was uploaded to Busco’s Instagram account. Then user A-RODney King uploaded the clip to Vine.)

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Since 2015, the clip has gained almost 38 million loops. Earlier this year, the meme made its appearance in Marvel’s Black Panther. Busco hated it. He told the Huffington Post:

“I feel good I created something that’ll be with the world forever, but then I feel bad because I didn’t handle my business part correctly.”

Busco reportedly has five children.

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