“What Are Those?!” Meme Creator Is “Sick As F**k” Over Line Being Used In ‘Black Panther’

“What Are Those?!” Meme Creator Is “Sick As F**k” Over Line Being Used In ‘Black Panther’

by Kevito
2 years ago

Source: Marvel

Young Busco, otherwise known as Brandon Moore, was disgusted by his meme being used in a scene from Marvel’s Black Panther smash.

To date, Black Panther is the highest-grossing superhero film—period—in all of these United States. The flavor, the culture, the imagination resonated around the globe, but it was the jokes and hot takes that cemented it as a pop culture phenomenon. In the film, this was led by Princess Shuri (played by Letitia Wright), who was not only the creator of Wakanda’s vibranium-infused technology, but the comedic line throughout the film.

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One of the most popular lines (at least one that got the loudest laugh in the theater) centers around T’Challa (played by Chadwick Boseman) entering Shuri’s lab after a mission, and her looking at his attire and shouting, “What are those?!” at her brother’s dusty-looking sandals. For those who live on the internet (much like Shuri), the line was spot-on and a representation for black creatives in the digital age. “The idea with Shuri is that she rarely leaves Wakanda,” Ryan Coogler told Huffington Post. “She’s connected to the outside world through the internet, through youth culture on the internet.”

However, the creator of the “What are those?!” line, Young Busco (real name Brandon Moore), did not find the scene funny. In fact, according to the Vine creative, he was “disgusted by the scene” and was “sick as f**k” upon hearing it in the film. “When I saw the scene, my girl was trying to record it in the theater,” Busco told Huffington Post. “I slapped the phone out of her hand, because I was like, ‘I don’t want to fucking be a part of this.’ Every time I see that shit, I get depressed.”

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You know the original, it’s legendary in and of itself. Busco approaches an officer who was arresting his friend Myesha. He asks the policeman a question, yelling, “Officer, I’ve got one question for you… What are those?!” The tone of his voice, the beat (pause) before delivering the line, you couldn’t have crafted a better scene (OK, maybe you could, but follow me) and Busco delivered comedy gold that would become platinum all around the internet. 40 million loops on Vine, hundreds of thousands of created memes, videos and gifs based on that particular line. Yet, Busco, rightfully upset, never took the opportunity to trademark or copyright his creation. In fact, most people wouldn’t even know what Busco looked like if he walked right past them. “I be depressed every time knowing I didn’t full court press on an opportunity that I created,” he told Huffington Post .
A lesson to all you digital-internet creatives: own your property or miss out on a possible billion dollar opportunity.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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