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Watch The First Trailer for Disney’s Live Action ‘The Lion King’ Reboot

Watch The First Trailer for Disney’s Live Action ‘The Lion King’ Reboot

Watch The First Trailer for Disney's Live Action 'The Lion King' Reboot

Not nearly enough Beyoncé.

While we were all putting down our respective shares of Turkey Day temptations, Disney snuck out the first trailer for the upcoming live-action reboot of the 1994 animated blockbuster, The Lion King.

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James Earl Jones‘ narratorial reprisal is all that can actually be heard of the star-flooded cast of voices, booming over widescreen pans of Pride Rock. But the trailer also offers a first glimpse at the newly revamped Pride Lands and some familiar faces for ’90s babies, including Simba (voiced by Donald Glover) and Rafiki (voiced by John Kani.)

The cast features the voices of Beyoncé as Nala, John Oliver as Zazu, and Eric Andre as Azizi, along with Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as Pumba and Timone.

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You can watch the teaser for the live action remake of The Lion King above. Catch it in theaters on July 19th, 2019. No word on whether we can expect Elton John and Hans Zimmer to return for the film’s score. But would it be a terrible thing to request a soundtrack entirely helmed by Smino? We need that.


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