R. Kelly Seeks Judge's Permission To Leave US For Shows In Dubai

R. Kelly Seeks Judge's Permission To Leave US For Shows In Dubai

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The R&B singer is currently barred from leaving Illinois.

R. Kelly is seeking permission from an Illinois judge to travel to Dubai next month so he can perform several shows.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, the singer signed a contract before his arrest last month to perform three to five shows in Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates. While he’s there, Kelly is supposed to meet with the royal family.

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However, Kelly is barred from leaving Illinois as a result of his release on $1 million bond and has also surrendered his passport. He is currently awaiting trial on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Steven Greenberg, Kelly’s lawyer, argued that the singer has been struggling financially which is why he should be able to travel to Dubai.

“Mr. Kelly has a job that requires he be allowed to travel,” Greenberg said in a court filing. “He cannot work, and consequently cannot making a living if he is confined to Illinois, or even the United States.”

The filing also noted Kelly’s inability to pay child support and other child-related expenses, which has landed him in and out of jail recently.

“Denying him the opportunity to work would be a hardship on his children,” Greenberg wrote.

Judge Lawrence Flood, who is overseeing the criminal charges against Kelly, will possibly address the travel request when the singer goes to court on Friday.

A couple months back, the Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a resolution banning Kelly from the city.

“This resolution is about fundamentally stating a public declaration that R. Kelly and sexual predators like him don’t belong in a public sphere, with public support,” council-member Helen Gym said previously. “This symbolic act of solidarity puts all sexual predators on notice.”

Source: Chicago Tribune

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