Someone Paid $161,000 for R. Kelly’s Back Child Support

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Someone Paid $161,000 for R. Kelly's Back Child Support
Source: CBS/Youtube
Someone Paid $161,000 for R. Kelly's Back Child Support

Source: CBS/Youtube

The singer dodges jail time yet again.

R. Kelly has come under the good grace of yet another angel investor.

According to the Associated Press, Kelly was released from prison this morning after an anonymous donor paid a $161,663 bond. The singer was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday, March 6th, when he wasn’t prepared to pay the full $161,000 owed to the Clark County Sherrif’s office for unpaid child support, just hours after pleading for the opportunity to build better relationships with his children in a now infamous Gayle King interview.

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It’s the singer’s second arrest and miraculous return in as many weeks. Last month, a suburban Chicago daycare owner came to the rescue, paying $100,000 for his release after Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four women (three of which were underage.) Kelly’s publicist and attorney claims his finances are a “mess,” while the singer himself outright claimed “people have been stealing” from him in that psychotic sit-down with Gayle. Kelly and his lawyers have maintained his innocence throughout the press run, while his “girlfriends” have also come to his defense in their own interview with King.



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